The Society has great pleasure in announcing the appointment of Pauline Powell as a Life Vice President of Kidderminster Choral Society.

What does it take to become a Life Vice President?

Long years of service – will 56 do?

Serving on various committees – organising trips abroad to visit the Theodore Storms Choir in Husum – and their return visits here.

Arranging The Summer Singers – helping with Wyre Forest Young Voices – outings to concerts and other social events.

All of these attributes came together in one person – Pauline Powell.  If it needed organising send for Pauline.

Every concert the Society took part in had Pauline in the front row of the Sopranos singing her heart out; at the lat count approx 190.  Truly a life supporter!

Of course, this level of work needs help from others.  Here Pauline has been very fortunate in her choice of husband.  Bob has been her number one supported and helper in so many ways over the years.

Time catches up with all of us, and reluctantly Pauline retired from the choir earlier this year.  We shall miss her in the front row, but look carefully and you will find her somewhere in the audience.

Good luck Pauline and “Thank You”.