The recovery

As a result of Covid-19, the arts industry has been hit hard and Kidderminster Choral Society is no exception.

The Society has come together to launch a ‘Sponsor a Musician’ appeal with the aim to aid our Covid recovery. Amidst cancelled concerts, the introduction of new rules and the prevention of singing, the Kidderminster Choral Society has been working hard to keep going and come out the other end of the pandemic. We are very proud to announce that the Society has returned back to singing, which was not permitted before as part of social distancing rules, and are working hard towards rebuilding for the future.

Kidderminster Choral Society is happy to invite all arts supporters and close friends of the Society to sponsor a musician in their forthcoming concert. For more information or to make a donation, please visit our JustGiving page:

All contributions are greatly appreciated.


The Society has a well-established reputation for performing a wide repertoire of excellent choral works. Regular performances are put on at the Kidderminster Town Hall alongside The Elgar Symphonia Orchestra. However, such grand-scale concerts are often costly to stage and to upkeep a high standard.

Boasting Sir Edward Elgar as a past president, the Society is keen to maintain its reputation for excellent performance for Kidderminster and Worcestershire.