Rehearsal Procedures



Only use your own music that you brought with you.  As you know, we are going to sing Faure’s Requiem, please ensure you have your own copy of this to bring to the rehearsal.  You may already have one, or please purchase in advance.  Please see the instructions above if you need to purchase.


Please ensure you arrive at the Town Hall without unnecessary exposure to other people.


Please wear a mask to rehearsal and keep on until you are seated.  Please put your mask back on whenever you need to leave your seat.  Please keep moving around to a minimum.

You will be given a face guard to wear whilst singing, for your protection and the protection of others.   This will be yours to keep, please take it home with you, clean with warm soapy water and bring back to use at the next rehearsal.


Entrance will be through the Front Door, please use the hand sanitiser there.

A Committee member will greet you on arrival and record your name and choir number.  This will be recorded for Track and Trace requirements.  Please ensure your details are up to date with Martin Lewis, our membership Secretary, who has recently asked you to update these.

The Committee member will also confirm that you have conducted the Covid-19 self-questions and check your temperature using a non-contact head thermometer. You will be given your face guard.


The rehearsal will run for 1 hour, from 7.30pm-8.30pm, with no break.  If you do need a break during this time, please do so by exiting the side door, and re-entering through the front door.  Please put on your mask before you leave you seat.

Any drinks or refreshments that you might need during rehearsal should be brought along yourself for your own consumption.  Please do not share with others.  Please take any rubbish away with you.


You will be allocated a seat and a record of the seat you occupied will be recorded.  

Your attendance will be recorded and this will be held by The Secretary for 21 days, so that it is available should Track and Trace become necessary.

All seating will be appropriated space in line with Government Guidelines.  There will be screens in place between each singer.  (please see the photo below, of the hall set up, to familiarise yourself). Once seated you can remove your mask.  Please wear your face guard whilst singing.


Will be one in one out and you are reminded to wash hands for 20 seconds before leaving.  Please wear your mask whenever your leave your seat.


Rehearsal will end with exit via the large glass doors to the right of the hall. Please put your mask back on before leaving your seat and wear as you exit.

Some members of the Committee will be designated responsibilities to ensure we comply with our obligations.  You must ensure that you respect their role at all times.


If you become unwell with symptoms of Covid-19 you must follow Government guidelines and get tested.  Please also advise the Secretary, Lindsay White (0777 599 6184) who will alert the Town Hall and pass on the necessary information for Track and Trace action.


Self-attest to wellness by answering the following:

If any of the answers above is ‘Yes’, DO NOT come to the rehearsal.  If in doubt see further guidance here:

We are obliged to gather these details in case of the need for Track and Trace. Your name and choir number will be recorded, along with your seating, so that you can be traced if necessary. It is up to each and every member to keep themselves and others safe by only attending if you are well enough to do so.

Self - Questions for Covid-secure rehearsal:

Have you been in close contact with anyone who has symptoms or has tested positive for Covid-19 in the last 14 days?

Have you been contacted by the national ‘Track and Trace’ within the last 14 days and told you should self-isolateold you should self-isolate (within 14 days)?

Have you returned from abroad in the last 14 days and been told to quarantine?

Do you have any COVID-19 symptoms or had any in the last 7 days? (raised temperature, new persistent cough, loss or change to your sense of smell or taste?)

4 + 5 =

Finally it’s been a long time but we hope slowly to welcome you back.  A copy of our full Risk Assessment for our Town Hall rehearsals is below for your reference along with a picture of how the hall will look for our rehearsals, for your reference