Rehearsal & Concert Programme Season 2016/17

Unless otherwise stated, all rehearsals  take  place in Baxter Church Hall from 7.30 pm to 9.15pm.  Attendance at 9 rehearsals plus dress rehearsal is essential for the major concerts.

September 2016

Thursday 8th September 2016

-­‐ First  rehearsal 7pm for collection of new score, rehearsal at  7.30pm

Thursday 15th September

— Rehearsal and social evening with coffee

Thursday 22nd September

-­‐ A.G.M. 7.30 pm followed by rehearsal

October 2016

Thursday 6th October

-­‐- Final date for payment of instalments or full membership fee

November 2016

Friday 18th November

-­‐ WFYV  & Primary  Chords  “Sing  It  for  Shakespeare” Town  Hall Concert 7pm

Thursday 24th November

-­‐ Town  Hall  rehearsal  at  7.00pm


Saturday 26th November

-­‐ Dress  rehearsal  in  the  Town  Hall  at  2.00pm
-­‐ Concert: Handel -­‐ Te  Deum  and  Bach  — Magnificat 7.30pm

December 2016

Thursday 1st December

-­‐ First  rehearsal  for  Christmas  Concert

Thursday 8th December

-­‐ Social  evening  with  coffee  and  mince  pies

Saturday 10th December

Carol  singing  in  Morrison’s,  KCS  members  to  support  WFYV,  10.30am

Thursday 15th December

-­‐ Town  Hall  rehearsal  at  7.00pm

Saturday 17th December

-­‐ Dress  rehearsal  in  the  Town  Hall  at  2.00pm
-­‐ Christmas  Gala  Concert, 7.00pm

January 2017

Thursday 5th January 2017

-­‐ First  rehearsal  7pm  for collection  of  new  score,  rehearsal  at  7.30pm

Saturday 7th January

-­‐ WFYV  20th Anniversary  event  at  Kidderminster  Town  Hall

Thursday 12th January

-­‐ Rehearsal and  social  evening  with  coffee

Tuesday 24th January

-­‐ Geoff’s  Talk  on  music  for  the  March  concert,  7.30pm,  Baxter  Church

February 2017

Friday 10th February

Charity  Concert  with  local  choirs,  Kidderminster  Town  Hall  at  7.30pm

Friday 24th February

-­‐ Annual  Dinner

March 2017

Friday 17th March

— WFYV  and  Primary  Chords  Concert  in  the  Town  Hall,  7.00pm

Thursday 23rd March

— Town  Hall  rehearsal  at  7.00pm

Saturday 25th March

— Dress  rehearsal  in  the  Town  Hall  at  2.00pm
Concert: Elgar  -­‐ The  Kingdom

April 2017

Thursday 27th April

-­‐ First  rehearsal  for  Summer  Singing

May 2017

Sunday 21st May

— Vocal  workshop and  Concert  with  Papagena

June 2017

Saturday 10th June

-­‐ Away  Day to Broadway

Saturday 24th June

-­‐ Dress  rehearsal  in  Belbroughton  Church  at  2.00pm
-­‐ Summer  Singing  Concert at  7.30pm

July 2017

Saturday 1st July

— WFYV  Concert in St  Anne’s,  Bewdley,  7.30pm

Saturday 8th July

-­‐ Primary  Chords Summer  Concert  in  Baxter  College  Theatre